The training will be conducted according to the attached curriculum in which are represented compulsory subjects (with emphasis in the training program) and optional subjects listed in the Guidelines of the call. This will cover all aspects – legislation, standards, plans and strategies, audits, contracts and best practices in energy efficiency (EEF) and renewable energy sources (RES). The volume of the material and the relationship between the themes and lessons in it are in accordance with the set of program BG04 priority themes, to which are dedicated more hours and will be studied in-depth and comprehensive. The proportional distriburion is aim at the required volume and type of knowledge of students of the state and municipal structures and at increasement of their competence and level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this area.
In order to better zoning and to acieve cost-effectiveness, the training will be held in six major cities in the country Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Pleven, in which can be covered target groups from each of the six major regions – North, North Central, North-South, South and South-Central region, which will cover the whole country. The training in each city will be conduct on a modular basis, with total duration of a training six days, within 48 hours in each city. The modular principle provides training in each city to be conducted in 3 cycles of 2 days each (a total of 6 days per city) in different time periods. The timetable will be made in conjunction with the program operator- Ministry of Energy.
The target group of students who will be covered by the trainings consists of 30 people (employees of state and local administration) in 6 cities, or 180 people will be trained in the training program within the project.
SIn each citiy 6-day (48 hours) training will be conduct, or a total of 288 training hours for the project.
The training will be devided in to two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part includes lectures, presentations and seminars. The practical part includes exercises and demonstrations that will be held in the mobile laboratory, which is equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out tests and demonstrations in the EEF and RES. After the training in each city, among the students will be carried out a survey to determine their satisfaction and recommendations.
The choice of cities and the scheme of the training program (six days in three two days cycles) is driven by the following objectives:
– To cover a wide range of target-groups, all employees in the state, district and municipal administrations throughout the country;
– Cost savings for transport, accommodation and subsistence for students
– Shortening the absence of students from their workplace.
– Better concentration and absorption of knowledge in a short duration of study hours.
– Ability to absorb knowledge from each module and then be taught new skills to the next module.
– Ability to generate questions and discussions accordingly, based on the training material.
– Better combination of theoretical and practical training.
The timetable for carrying out the training in each citiy will be agreed with the Ministry of Energy, as well as the options for organizing students in each region.
Each course will finish with an individual test with documentation of results. Every student who pass the test, will receive a certificate. The test will cover material from all subjects and modules, with emphasis on the 5 compulsory subjects.

This publication was created with financial support of the BG04 "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" by FM EEA. The sole responsibility for the content of publikatsiyatya lies with the Higher School of Insurance and Finance, and under no circumstances can be taken that this publication reflect the views of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area countries - donors and program providers Program BG04 "Energy efficiency and renewable energy. " Frontier Theme

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